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Choose the right deck for you

How to choose the right layout

You can choose the layout that's closest in shape to the area where the deck will be installed such as rectangle, square, L shape. Keep in mind that articulate cuts for corners, odd shapes, circles are more time and product consuming & will affect the final cost. Construction of the deck may require excavation of the site, deck drainage, new framing depending on the project. Make sure to let the estimating pro know in advance if you're interested in deck or stair railing as this may later on once confirmed, save a lot of time and cost during the construction of the deck. 


After the deck layout, location and dimensions were confirmed, select the composite product line and color that you prefer so the pro can provide you with an accurate estimate. Trex offers multiple product lines that are available on our website and on the Trex website with the Trex Basics being the most feasible cost wise, Trex Select being the next upgrade and the most popular product line and Trex Transcend being the most high end product line with deep wood grains and most colors.

Finishing Touches​

Railing, Lighting, Fascia, Riser and many other elegant touches can be added to the deck to highlight the design and colors. Several railing options are available whether in wood or aluminum finish that are rust and mold resistant just like the rest of the Trex product lines. Lighting options for your deck, rail and steps are available, just ask the pro about the feasible options and colors available.

Trex Composite Product Lines


Picture Framing

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