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Signs You Have A Yard Drainage Problem 

What's causing the puddles? What's killing my grass!

February 8, 2019

Finding a quick resolution to your yard drainage problems when they’re smaller and easier to fix can save you thousands and plenty of headaches down the line. And you don’t have to be an expert to know that puddles or a lake on the front lawn are signs of drainage problems.

But many drainage problems aren’t so obvious.  Here's some signs of bad drainage, and why you’ll save big bucks if you tackle these problems now instead of later. Hiring a trusted service to solve the issue once and for all is the key to resolving the problem. Finding a reputable service can save you money and save your yard rather than hiring your lawn maintenance service to cover it up for the time being.

#1 Gushing gutters  

roof and gutter cleaning required

A mini Niagara over the edge of your gutter means dead leaves and debris are blocking the flow. Dirt on the outside of gutters, mud spattered on siding, or paint peeling off the house in vertical strips are other sure signs. If you don’t take action, overflowing gutters can rot siding, ruin paint jobs, and cause structural damage.

schedule quarterly maintenance to protect roof, prevent expensive dry wall and yard re pair. Excessive water will kill your plants and grass.

#2: Puddles of mud in the yard, grass dying? 

Yard drainage needed

A muddy yard is unappealing in appearance and can contribute to mud inside the home if the muddy lawn happens to be in an area where people and/or pets walk. A lawn that retains water may increase the potential of the home flooding as well, especially if the yard slope toward the home. The moisture can deprive grass roots of oxygen, weakening the grass; a weakened plant often invites diseases and pests.  Several solutions, however, may be available for a yard that lacks the ability to dispense excess water due to rain or overwatering. A French drain maybe necessary which is a trench lined with landscape fabric, partially filled with gravel, covered with soil and reseeded. The French drain's location is undetectable after plants grow there when the project is completed by a reputable landscape service.

An expert will test the soil's PH to make sure whatever you plant later on will grow! If your soil is not healthy and this maybe due to many factors, any investments in plants or grass maybe a loss. A professional will go over many aspects such as aeriation, french drain and trench options, organic material and so on. A quick resolution will save you the headache of having to redo the whole yard! 

#3 Significant erosion against your foundation 

How high is your flower beds?

Take a close look at it, especially the flower beds. Take note of how high the soil is. Now, after the next rain, take note-did water fill up against the foundation and wash soil away? How long does the water remain? If water is present, again your yard may not be properly draining. This is especially dangerous because that water sitting up against your foundation could cause extra pressure, which in turn could cause cracking. It could also soften the soil beneath the foundation causing the entire house to shift. When hiring a landscape company, this is probably the first thing they look at before putting down any materials or plants. Measuring and taking in consideration height and depth in relevance to your foundation is step #1 before adding your beautiful flowering shrubs or plants. You want your yard to be ready for the season and boost your curb appeal but make sure the hired service won't cause foundation damage to your house. It's best to go over their customer reviews and ratings before hiring their services.

Why Composite decks are more durable than treated wood?

February 11, 2019

Long on life span and short on fuss, these man-made boards never splinter, rot, or need staining. We'll give you hints about options, installation and caring for your new composite deck.

The backyard deck, conjures up images of idyllic afternoons napping in a hammock or festive get-together around the grill. But maintaining that elevated expanse of lumber is a downright chore, what with all the scrubbing, bleaching, and staining that wood requires—not to mention the occasional replacement of a splintered, warped, or rotten boards.  This is why we recommend Composite Deck Options. Smart options that fit your budget and help create a space that's both relaxing and easy to care for.

Would it work for a lake house or withstand the humidity & rain?

Composite decks are best on the lake, withstand the humidity and rain and keep the good looks. 

What's it cost?

Runs higher than your traditional wood boards because they will last much longer, proven to be 10+ times more durable and ask for no annual maintenance cost! No stains, scratches, fade & slip resistant.

What's the warranty?

Most manufacturers offer either a 25-year or limited-lifetime warranty on structural integrity; some warranties are transferable from one homeowner 
to another. 

How much care?

Less than wood. A simple scrubbing with soapy water and a soft bristle brush is usually all that's needed.

All you need for your new deck.

Everything you need to finish a deck—fascia boards, railings, balusters, treads, and posts—is made in matching colors using the same composite material.

Fire resistant?

Yes, composite boards resist higher temperature than wood. Most composites meet California's strict Wildland-Urban Interface Building Code.

Can i see samples?

Paragon Property Service is your local Montgomery- Lake Conroe Area certified Trex Pro. We also use other composite decking options based on your preference. We carry boards samples in different colors and styles to show you on site and will deliver catalogs to you to go over deck designs, colors, railing, steps and deck lighting choices.

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